What's the difference between a rebuilt machine and a
Wick's Remanufactured Machine?

The competition has a great ability in rebuilding packaging machines, sorry to say, but this has become sort of an industry standard.  Why would you want someone else's cleaned up, brush painted, rebuilt, greased, and the obvious defects fixed, when you could have a Wick's Remanufactured Packaging Machine, which has been torn completely apart, until all that is left is the frame.  From there, the frame is sand-blasted, unnecessary holes welded, engineering modifications made, and repainted, piece by piece with multiple layers of high quality paint.

From here the machine is not just rebuilt,  instead re-designing the machine from scratch up.  The machine is then re-manufactured by making all engineering changes.  The machine is then re-wired, with a new control panel, and reassembled as a completely more efficient, operator friendly, and more reliable than when the machine came off the line the first time.  If this sounds much better to you than just having your machine rebuilt, like the competition likes to do, then contact us, and let us show you why we are the industry standard in remanufactured machines.

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